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Click Here Advertising Solutions
Showcasing businesses and services in and around Lake County Montana

The Click Here Group of Promotional Website maintains the following goals and objectives: Assist in the Development in the Tourism and Visitor Industry by promoting businesses and services available in Lake County and the Mission Valley.

Identify and provide relevant information and work cooperatively to increase family visitations, motor coach tours, sports tournaments, film productions, and conventions. Develop and promote new attractions, events, and innovative marketing approaches.

Provide information to potential visitors to assist them in their vacation or relocation plans when considering the Mission Valley as a destination. Develop partnerships with other grass-root promotional marketing, including working with outlying communities, local/state/national organizations, local and regional tourism professionals, develop and implement an online community/tourism marketing plan. Provide member businesses a venue to promote their business to visitors and tourists.

Continue to evolve and grow as an organization that analyzes and meets the needs of member businesses by providing avenues for promotional opportunities enhancing the professional growth through collaborative efforts, coordination of committee and community efforts.

Continue to focus on priority areas including tourism, relocation, and the showcasing of products and services available in Lake County and the Mission Valley. Provide marketing resources and expanded opportunities for online members by developing venues for exposure of Lake County and the Mission Valley.

The Click Here Advertising Solutions Focus:

Focus on the online presence of local businesses and services provided in Lake County and the Mission Valley. The creation and upkeep of eight current websites designed with that goal in mind. The Promotional group also offers showcasing opportunities.

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